All screening days POSTPONED

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It is with huge disappointment that our Foundation has to announce that all proposed screening days are now POSTPONED indefinitely

The constant permutations of tiers/lockdowns, etc have made it impossible for both our Foundation and Cardiac Risk In The Young (CRY) – the national charity who administer all the heart checks – to make any plans

Restrictions and regulations bought in because of COVID already meant that a ‘normal’ screening day was going to look and feel different. As we posted a few weeks ago, only large venues with plenty of one-way systems, separate entrance/exit, etc were going to be considered as sufficient

Our Foundation has worked tirelessly to find suitable locations and, ironically, just last Thursday we visited one such venue which we felt would be perfect for a screening day, and could easily comply with any regulations imposed

Saturday’s decision to put the whole country back into lockdown put paid to that idea.

We have now reached the incredibly sad decision to halt the screening days, and we will NOT be planning any more until the national situation becomes clearer.

At present, we still have 2 dates pencilled in for 2021 (at Eastwood Academy, and Westcliff High School For Boys). We have everything crossed that there may still be a possibility of these screenings going ahead but we may not know anything further until early 2021

It must be understood that this does NOT mean our Foundation is giving up on the screenings. On the contrary, once we are allowed to, we plan to host even more screenings than planned – we are aiming for at least one screening day per month, which would mean over 1200 young people would get checked each other

For the foreseeable future, our Foundation will continue its aim of installing as many defibrillators as possible in the Southend area and we will also be actively getting involved in our local charities so we can keep some positivity going

It cannot be underestimated how much of a focus this Foundation has been to Carli’s family and friends over the last 2.5 years. We will bounce back bigger than ever and continue to do amazing things in memory of an amazing wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend x

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