“An ECG screening highlighted a previously-undetected heart arrhythmia”

At our Foundation’s 1st ECG screening day in memory of Carli, held in June 2019, 106 young people were screened and 5 were found to need a further referral.

One of those referred was 14-year old Charlie Attfield.

In order to encourage more young people to get themselves, Charlie kindly agreed to write a small article on his screening day and the subsequent referrals:-

” I’m like every other 14-year old boy. I enjoy going out with my friends, playing Xbox and sleeping in too late. I play for Westcliff Rugby club, go rowing and love cycling. I had no idea there could be a problem with my heart.

In June 2019, I attended on the screening day with my brother (22) and sister (25). My ECG showed some peculiarities, so they asked me to have a scan of my heart on the same day and referred me for more tests.

I attended St George’s Hospital in London in November. I had an echocardiagram, an exercise tolerance test, another ECG and had a 24-hour heart monitor fitted.

I saw the consultant and he said I had heart arrhythmia, which is a flutter n my heart beat that is caused by a defected heart muscle. I now have to go back to hospital for regular checkups in case the muscle deteriorates.

My Mum and Dad have now also been referred because this condition is usually hereditary. I’m very happy I went to the screening day because I never would have known there was a problem. For now, I can continue playing Rugby, going rowing and carrying on life as normal”

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  1. Hello please could my daughter come to one of your screenings . She is 15 and we live in Leigh on sea . Her name is Sofia snook .

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