‘Bucket Collection Day’ at Roots Hall – 23rd November 2019

Am totally honoured to announce that, on 23rd November, our charity will be having a bucket collection outside Roots Hall stadium prior to Southend United’s home game against Oxford United.

This is an unbelievably huge chance for us to raise money for the Foundation and also raise awareness of what we are trying to achieve.

I am also proud to announce that, on the same day, we have arranged for the Hands 4 Voices Signing Choir to perform two songs on the pitch prior to kick-off. I already know which two songs they are due to perform and I think they will be MASSIVELY popular with the fans (…but I’m sworn to secrecy…).

The support we have received from the club since our Charity started has been amazing – they were the venue for the 1st ever ECG screening day in memory of Carli.

Our huge thanks go to Rhys Ellingham, Head of Commercial at the Football Club, for proposing this idea and suggesting the date to us. Rhys is pictured below with Jess and Ethan

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