Kid’s sponsored bike ride raises over £400

On Sunday September 13th, Carli’s children – Jess and Ethan – plus 13 of their school friends (and 4 accompanying adults) completed a 30-minute bike ride through Cherry Orchard Country Park to raise money for our Foundation.

The weather couldn’t have been kinder for us – it was a beautiful afternoon.

The ride started just after 2.45 with the kids dashing off at top speed despite being told it wasn’t a race – lol. The route took us along a gravel path for the first third before we cut into the country park to ride alongside the stream. It was a fairly bumpy ride with a couple of holes, divots and obstacles along the way but nothing too serious and all the kids came through it unscathed,

At the half-way stage, drinks were dished out to all the kids by Carli’s mum. There were also 3-4 other parents dotted around the route as ‘marshals’ to make sure everyone stayed safe and there were no kids accidentally flying into the stream!

After the drinks break, it was a straight sprint across the ground to the car park before a last-stage dash to the finish line.

The vast majority of the kids finished within 30 minutes

The vast majority of the adults (riding at – shall we say – a ‘gentler’ pace) finished about 5-10 minutes later.

The kids were so hyped by the ride they wanted to go round a second time! The adults (all huffing and puffing a bit) convinced them it was not a good idea

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon. The kids loved it, they got some exercise and they did it all knowing they were doing something positive for charity

As as 14th September, they have raised an amazing total of £427.50!!!!

And we are aware of more money still to be donated.

If you would like to add to the figure the kids raised, there’s still time and here is the link to their donation page:-

So, a HUGE ‘Thank you’ to our riders:-

(from L-R) Fynn, Josie, Harry, Vinnie, Abigail, Jess, Bradley, Ethan H, Ruby, Ethan L, Harvey, Louis, Jack, Harry, Kris

Also, a big ‘Thank you’ to Dom, Kelvin, Tony and Ketija for ‘marshalling’ the kids.

‘Thank you’ to all the friends and family who turned up to cheer on the kids

And one final thank you to everyone who has donated to this sponsored bike ride

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